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We are passionate about wholesome well made food that tastes good.

With three children of our own, we understand how important it is for parents to know where the meat they feed their children comes from. That is why we only produce food we are happy to feed our own family.

Our Superfine Merinos enjoy roaming on over 7000 acres of grassland for two years before being finished with a natural GM free blend of grains. Low-stress handling and caring for the health of our sheep is important to us and integral to the production of Wurrook Superfine Prime.

We maintain complete supply chain management from paddock to plate so our consumers know - where it has come from, what it has been eating and how it has been treated. This includes a strict protocol of no growth hormones, no promotants and no antibiotics.  We have made sure our range of sausages contain no artificial colours and  no artificial flavours. They are also Gluten Free.

Our range of recipes and how to cook methods have been prepared especially for our product. 
Please enjoy.


Your Meat Packs will be delivered by refrigerated transport to your Shipping Address as stated on the Check Out page.

We currently deliver to most areas of Victoria.  For country areas we will need to call you and discuss a suitable location if too far off main highways. If you are interstate please contact us as we may be able to help you.

Your Pack/s will be delivered within 7- 10 working days.  Once your order is submitted we will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery day and time.  The purchase is GST free.

In all instances we will try to give you the Gourmet Sausage flavour of request but if unavailable another flavour will be substituted in its place.

Packs can also be picked up from Melbourne Farmers Markets we attend to save on delivery costs.

Payment can be made by Cheque, Direct Debit, Paypal or Credit Card (via phone) before delivery.


Wurrook Superfine Prime meat and sausage products are vacuum packaged for your convenience. This allows a longer shelf life and protects the meat from bacteria and dehydration.  Upon opening a vacuum packaged meat product, meat develops a confinement odour that will dissipate once the meat is exposed and the packaging discarded. This odour is a natural occurrence of the meat ageing process and isn’t harmful.

Once you open the vacuum pack, the meat should be consumed within 2-3 days, cooked or frozen. Once your product reaches the use by date it must be frozen.


Freezing meat once will not reduce the quality when defrosted.  Once cooked however, the meat can be frozen again if required.  Smaller products like sausages should not be frozen for more than 3 months while larger cuts no longer than six months.

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"Wurrook Superfine Prime has a distinct delicate taste with fine and tender flesh.  The flavour is quite unique and lends itself to Mediterranean and moorish flavours. Texturally it has a superior grain which enhances moistness."
Peter McLeod 
Executive Chef
Mt Edgecombe Hotel

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