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Flavoursome Wurrook Superfine Prime Pan-seared Loin Chops

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(Superfine Loin Chops)

 The T-bone of the Superfine Merino. Loin Chops are great for a quick meal, either grilled on your barbecue or pan seared on a griddle or fry pan.

The simplest way is to heat your pan or barbecue to a medium heat. Season the chops with salt and freshly cracked pepper and a little fresh chopped thyme. Lemon zest, can be added to add some interesting flavour.

You may like to add a teaspoon of oil either to your pan or brush it on the chops before searing them. Sear the chops for a minute on all sides, to a nice golden color. This locks the juices in the meat and gives the meat a lovely caramelized tasty flavor.

We recommend turning the chops every two minutes or so. This ensures the surface of the chop doesn’t become overcooked and charred. Barbecue cooks should try to keep the chops away from the flames, they impart a burnt oil flavor to the meat.

Turning frequently helps to cook the chops evenly on all sides whilst maintaining an even, texture, taste and juiciness.

The heat and cooking time varies from kitchen to kitchen. About ten minutes on a medium grill, turning regularly should be enough for medium, pink, juicy, but not bloody. If you are not sure, a small incision close to the bone will let you know how your meat is cooked. If underdone, just cook and rest for a few more minutes, and enjoy.

Once cooked we recommend that you rest the chops on a plate in a warm place (an oven on pilot, or next to the stove), for 4 to 5 minutes before serving. This allows the meat to rest, making it more tender, and retaining the juiciness. For extra zing squeeze a lemon on your chops.

While resting you can arrange the plates, get the kids to set the table and of course, pour yourself a glass of wine.

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"I have been using Wurrook Superfine Prime for its leaner meat and superior flavour on my menu at Stones of the Yarra Valley for the past year and have been very impressed with the consistency of the product.  We have been cooking the meat sous vide to enhance its flavour." 
Dale Prentice
Executive Chef

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